Why Recycle?

Why Recycle?  Top 10 reasons to do so

If your recycling processes have room for improvement, we can help you and here are ten good reasons to let us:

ecycling just ten tonnes of paper saves up to 120 trees
nergy savings are vast; recycling paper uses 70% less energy than raw material production
leaner air for today and tomorrow by saving trees that are the lungs of our earth
ou can generate revenue from your recyclables as well as making considerable cost savings
ompany PR and environmental policies are stimulated whilst reducing carbon footprint
andfill costs are ever-increasing but reducing rubbish sent to landfill dramatically cuts costs
nvironment and natural resources are conserved by reusing, reducing and recycling

eed for dustbins decreased, which saves significant wasted and unreleased energy
il is preserved through recycling when fewer materials are produced
orking environment will be safe, clean and staff kept involved in making a difference

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Why recycle? - Top ten reasons to do so