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Corporate & public sector recycling

The Pearce Group is a leading integrated service provider of bespoke recycling solutions for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, cans and plastic cups.
We offer a comprehensive range of services including compacting equipment, storage containment and a collection service via our fleet of vehicles for processing at one of our Material Recycling Facilities (MRF).

To foster good relationships in our supply chain we encourage clear lines of communication and recognition of every memberís role in each task. The control and effective management of the supply chain ensures optimum levels of service delivery, whilst eliminating unnecessary costs, which will provide our clients with maximum value for money.

Compared with industry standards Pearce Recycling welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that in most areas we exceed set benchmarks. Where we discover weaknesses we embrace the challenge to raise service levels and maintain them.

With a focus on the collection and reprocessing of recycling materials, we are a one-stop service provider of sustainable and responsible recycling solutions.
Recycling makes a real difference; a difference that you can be a part of.  With our range of bespoke solutions, we can make your recycling easy and cost effective.

Our wide range of Group Services includes:

  • Bulk paper, cardboard and plastic recycling, as well as glass, wood and cans
  • Bespoke office recycling services
  • Frequent collections of bagged recyclables
  • Segregation and sortation of co-mingled recycling materials
  • Sales of both new and refurbished equipment
  • Free of charge site surveys to identify potential cost savings and efficient processes
  • Brokering services for large tonnages
  • Management information
  • Certificates of achievement

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