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Office recycling collection services

We offer facilities and services that help you to recycle for a cleaner future. We have the environment at heart and are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions that make recycling all office materials easier and more efficient for your business; plastic cups, plastic bottles and cans, to paper, cardboard and even wood.

Our solutions range from the regular supply of recycling sacks and colour coded bins; to quality reviews and management information; and an efficient collection service that is bespoke to your office needs.

We offer both ad-hoc and scheduled collections, with a fleet of vehicles that provide an efficient service.

Unlike other schemes our collections can be either segregated or co-mingled materials, which can save you valuable time. Our co-mingled service involves the collection of mixed glass, plastic bottles, and both aluminium and steel cans, therefore no separation is required by you.

As experts in the recycling industry we ensure that all materials are collected and processed in the most efficient way for both you and the environment.

Where waste goes
All recyclables collected from your office are returned to one of our Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) to be processed in an appropriate and environmentally friendly way.  
Paper and cardboard is sorted and graded, then delivered to a paper mill where it undergoes a variety of processes to produce new products such as newsprint, cardboard packaging, and tissue.

Having collected mixed cans, our automated sorting system will also separate aluminium and steel prior to delivery to the end-user. As common and mass produced materials, we ensure that they are recycled without losing any properties.

Having invested in updated wood shredders, our Material Recycling Facility (MRF) is capable of processing over 20 tonnes of wood per hour, which can then be utilised for joinery, furniture carcasses, or packaging.
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