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Static Compactors Models HL2500 and HL3000

Transporting waste can be expensive, but with over 20 years' of experience we have designed Static Compactors that will help reduce those costs as well as making the process as easy as possible for you!

A high compaction ratio is a standard feature of our Static Compactors, which ensures skips carry maximum weights to lessen the number of uplifts, and in turn save you up to 85% of your transport costs.  
Any of our products can be modified to meet your needs. Our compactors can be loaded by conveyors, air fed systems, or by bin lifts which will eliminate double handling and save you precious time and money.  With 35 tonnes of compaction force the compactors produce a 10m to 30m skip of compacted material, in either cardboard, general or wet waste, or any mixed recyclables. They are the perfect product for Retailers, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, Printers, Factories, Distribution Centres, and of course Recyclers looking to improve their carbon credentials.
Our British built Static Compactors can be loaded whilst running and have an automatic shut down, which makes them easy to use. In addition, they are easy to clean; help you keep a safe and tidy site; and are installed and maintained by our own dedicated team ... that’s the Pearce 360° value added service giving you ultimate peace of mind. 

Mobile Compactors Models MC14, MC25 and MC32

Keeping all compacted waste contained inside a Mobile Compactor leaves any site safe, tidy and odour free; making this product an ideal waste solution for Retailers, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, Printers, Factories, and Distribution Centres. 
Our mobile compactors are available with a range of containers from 10 yards3 to 32 yards3, with minimum compaction ratios of 6:1. Not only will our Mobile Compactors significantly reduce your waste disposal costs but revenue can be created with the recycling of certain materials. Furthermore, by compacting your waste using our Compactor will reduce the number of uplifts and can save up to 85% on your transport costs. 
For the highest efficiency our Mobile Compactors are liquid retentive and produce a skip of mixed recyclables or general waste. They have also been designed with you in mind, so you can rest assured they are easy to use, with a low loading height that can be used whilst running, an automatic shut down, and easy to clean.
As with all of Pearce Group products, you are in trusted hands with our 360° value added service. Our own products are installed based on over 20 years experience, and can be bespoke to your specific needs. You will receive onsite training with all of our Compactors, and installation and maintenance from our dedicated team.

* Subject to availability, we can also offer a full range of second hand equipment, fully refurbished to a 'nearly' new standard. All refurbished equipment comes with a one year warranty as standard.



Static - HL2500

Compaction force 31 tonnes
Cycle time 47 seconds
Power supply 32 amp 3 ph
Penetration into skip 300mm
Bin lift 240 –1100kg
Machine length 3960mm
Charge box length (mm)
1500mm 1
Static - HL2500

Static - HL3000

Compaction force 35 tonnes
Cycle time 59 seconds
Power supply 32 amp 3 ph
Penetration into skip 350mm
Bin lift 240 –1100kg
Machine length 4510mm
Charge box length (mm)
Static - HL3000

Mobile - MC32

Compaction force 30 tonnes
Cycle time 40 seconds
Power supply 32 amp 3 ph
Machine weight 4.3 tonnes
Machine length 6300mm
Bin lift 240 - 1100kg


Mobile - MC32 product specification

Mobile - MC32