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Pearce Group Business Continuity Statement

In light of recent events relating to the Coronavirus, we consider the health of our staff and our customers of utmost importance. Pearce Group have issued a Business Continuity Statement.

15 April 2020

Pearce Group Business Continuity Statement

We are closely monitoring the potential impact of COVID-19 on the business operations and monitoring any advice issued by the UK Government via Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care and the current recommendations from the World Health Organisation (“WHO”). 

Our priority is to ensure all our customers receive a high-quality service with minimal disruption, and to ensure the company take practical measures to keep our employees, customers and the community safe.  

At present, the impact on day to day operations is minimal and we continue to operate business as usual but with the following additional precautions and planning inplace:

  • We have issued all employees with guidance to hygiene and the importance of regular and thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitisers.  

  • We are actively monitoring and recording employee travel plans with anyone travelling to or returning from Category 1 high risk areas being advised to self-isolate and contact NHS for further advice.  Any employees travelling to or returning from Category 2 areas are advised to self-isolate in the event they develop symptomsand contact NHS services.  We will ensurethis information is updated in line with government guidance.

  • Non-essential meetings will be postponed or carried out remotely.

  • An active record of all employees with any symptoms and the outcome of illness.

  • Ensuring all visitors on site declare if they have travelled to any Category 1 risk areas or if they have travelled to Category 2 areas with no current symptoms.

  • Ensuring managers are guided on COVID-19, how to spot symptoms and any processes such as absence reporting and sick pay.

    Following Government guidelines, Pearce Group have implemented measures to ensure we reduce social interaction between employees and the public:

  • Floor marking to recommended social distancing advice, where practicable.

  • Limiting non-essential movement between sites or areas.

  • We are enabling employees towork from home where necessary and appropriate.

  • Taking extra steps for vulnerablegroups, including those who are pregnant, aged 70 or over, or who have a long-term health condition.

  • Reduce any gatherings both inside the office and outside Pearce sites.

    All serviceswill continue where as normal, where possible. Pearce Group is following the Governmentguidelines to ensure we minimise the spread of COVID-19.  We will let you know as usual if there areany changes. 

    The Board ofDirectors are monitoring the current situation closely to ensure that weimplement the appropriate advice recommended by the UK Government. 

    Should theimpact of COVID-19 become more severe, this statement will be updatedaccordingly to reflect any adjustments that Pearce Group will make, this willbe available on the Pearce Group website.