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Pearce Celebrate 150 years of recycling

Kick-starting with a small display at St Albans Museum and Gallery. On until Spring 2020

16 October 2019

Pearce Recycling Group are now displaying at St Albans Gallery and Museum as part of the St Albans on Demand exhibition. Here you can find just a taste of the Pearce Recycling history, starting around the Autumn of 1869 by Joshua Pearce

“Early memories of the Pearce Recycling company founded in 1869, are found in the heart of St Albans streets, many would flock to the Sugar Loaf pub that Joshua Pearce ran, trading in scrap metals for a pint, they also traded in rags, furniture and brought bottles back”


The Pearce family continued to grow the recycling business, employing a dozen horse and cart, and people to sort the scraps. The Pearce’s owned most of the property from George Street to Lower Dagnell Street and now run recycling firms across Herts, Beds and Bucks and the surrounding counties.Now celebrating 150 years of recycling the Pearce family host a further exhibition at the Clock Tower next Easter from where they ran one of their shops dating from 1902


Come down and visit @StAlbansMuseums to see much more


And please watch this space for further updates!