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Pearce Ecobed- Changes to the Cardboard Product

Our Animal Bedding Division- Pearce Ecobed are implementing a change to the cardboard product and related processes.

16 November 2017

Unfortunately, the supply chain for pre-consumer corrugated cardboard can no longer be sourced in the volumes and pricing we have previously been accustomed to. This change has come about due to circumstances beyond our control. 


In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to our clients to continue supplying cardboard as an animal bedding option, our quality and production department have been carrying out trials on a mix of pre and post-consumer cardboard. 


Pearce Ecobed is pleased to inform you that as a result of these trials and additional investment in shredding and processing equipment we are now able to supply a new cardboard bedding product which includes a blend of pre and post-consumer cardboard. 


What does this mean?

        A mix of pre (new) and post-consumer (used) cardboard which means the cardboard animal bedding may include some printed board and tape.

        A secure supply of cardboard animal bedding.

        A competitive cost effective cardboard animal bedding.

        The newspaper bedding remains unchanged.


Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.