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We are a family owned business established in the recycling industry since 1869. Throughout our long history we have gained extensive experience and developed with environmental and legislative changes, while our passion and motive to provide cost effective recycling has grown ever stronger. 

We have continued to invest in our company to develop and expand our portfolio. Investment and technological advances allowed us to add wood recycling services to our broad range of recycling solutions. The latest wood shredder that was commissioned at our Material Recycling Facility (MRF) is capable of processing over 20 tonnes an hour for even more efficient recycling.

Most recently we invested over 4 million pounds in the expansion and development of our St Albans site and the acquisition of EcoBed Animal Bedding and KenBay Waste Compaction Systems; enabling us to further expand our Group portfolio and provide recycling solutions and eco-friendly products to more industries and organisations. 

Our focus on recycling, reducing costs and increasing efficiency has never been more prevalent; we will continue to invest and develop our Group and provide cost effective tailored services in line with current legislative requirements.
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